There is a lot of incorrect information that has been brought to our attention by our customers.  From not knowing about lab testing, to purchasing something that says CBD on the bottle, however the ingredients show no CBD.  Here are some frequently asked questions, and some red flags to look for when purchasing CBD.

1.  How do I know which CBD product is right for me? 

This is why we have our consultation area, however, if you are someone who is visiting this site from an out of state location, the best way to answer is it's personal preference.  However, the reason why there is an abundance of types of products and mg dosages, is related to what would work best for you.  If you keep reading, everything is better explained in further detail.  We do always recommend when starting the use of CBD, to always start with the lowest dosage and work your way to a higher mg, because everyone is different.  What works for you, does not work for someone else.

2.  Why are there so many different products in the CBD market?

The best way to explain this question, is how each product is used.  When you smoke or inhale CBD (for example vaping or smoking CBD flower)  it enters the body faster however, it also leaves the body the fastest.  An edible (for example our gummies), will take the longest to get into your body, however it stays in your body the longest.  The CBD oils are the happy medium between the two, and if you are looking to be cost effective in the long run, this is the best way to use CBD on a daily basis.  We also carry topical CBD products.  This is used more for localized pain for muscles and joints.

 3.  There are a lot of CBD companies and brands, how do I know which one to choose?

Unfortunately, there is a lot of product in the market today that is for lack of better terms, absolute garbage.  You can purchase CBD products from gas stations (please don't do this), and a lot of companies are adding fillers, synthetics, and blends (such as proprietary blends and synthetic blends), to their products.  In addition to this, some companies even lie about the CBD content that is in their products.  This is why it is always extremely important, to ask for lab testing.  If a company refuses to show their lab testing, or does not have it to provide to you, this is something to be worried about.  We provide lab testing for all of our products, and whenever a person purchases the CBD Flower, they are given a copy of the lab testing.  Look at the ingredients on the packaging.  When looking at the ingredient, if it has several fillers and synthetic blends, you may want to think twice before purchasing it.  When it comes to CBD products, companies and brands are always going to advertise the mg dosage on the packaging and on the bottle.  With this being said, if you see that the packaging does not show any type of mg dosage, check the ingredients to see if there is any CBD in the product.  If a mg dosage is severely high...

4.  What is the difference between CBD isolate products and CBD Full Spectrum products? 

The difference between these two products are the way that it's extracted from the plant.  CBD isolate is pure CBD, whereas CBD distolate (that is in our Full Spectrum oil) has not just CBD, but CBG, CBA, and other components from the hemp plant.

5.  Will this show up on a drug test? 

We like to tell people that if you are concerned about drug testing, that CBD distolate products (our full spectrum oil) and CBD flower should not be used at all, and CBD isolate products are the safer option.  However, we cannot guarantee 100% that you won't fail a drug test.  If this is a concern, please use CBD products at your own discretion.

6.  Is CBD the end all be all, miracle treatment that the media makes it out to be? 

We are honest with all of our customers, and the answer is no.  CBD does not work for everyone.  It has not been proven to cure any disease or illness, so if a company or brand is making these claims, please do not believe this.  Unfortunately, a lot of brands make these claims, which is hurting the CBD industry, especially those of us who are running an honest business.

7.  Is CBD FDA approved? 

No, CBD is not FDA approved.  If any company or brand tells you their CBD products are FDA approved, they are either misinformed, or making claims.  Their lab testing facility may be FDA approved, however that does not make the product itself FDA approved.  There is no FDA approval process for CBD currently. 

 8.  How is CBD legal? 

According to the Federal Hemp Farming Act of 2018, Section 6: Exclusion of hemp from controlled substance schedules, states "Currently, hemp is considered a schedule I substance under the Controlled Substances Act (21 U.S.C. 802).  This section would remove hemp with a concentration of not more than 0.3 percent delta-9 tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) from the controlled substances list.  This includes the descheduling of all derivatives, extracts, and seeds of hemp as long as those portions of the plant remain below the THC threshold.

9.  Is CBD marijuana? 

No, CBD is not marijuana.  CBD is extracted from the hemp plant, not the cannabis plant.

10.  Will I get high from CBD?  

The answer is no, you will not get high from CBD.  Delta-9 THC is the component that will give you the high.

11.  Why do some companies use MCT Oil or Olive Oil as the carrier oil, instead of Organic Hemp Seed Oil like your products? 

MCT and Olive Oil have a longer shelf life and are less expensive.  This does not make a product that uses this as their oil base bad.  We chose to use Organic Hemp Seed Oil because we wanted to keep our products as pure as we possibly could.  There is no reason to mix our CBD isolate/distolate with oils, other than those derived from the hemp plant.

12.  I bought CBD off of Amazon, but it doesn't seem to be working, why? 

Amazon does not allow the sale of CBD Oil, so what you bought is most likely hemp seed oil marketed as CBD oil.

13.  Will using CBD products affect the medication I take on a daily basis? 

We always recommend that our customers speak with their doctor prior to using CBD products, because at the end of the day, we are not licensed or certified to speak on behalf of your health.  

14.  Why don't you have any flavors, and will you have any in the future?

As we stated in an earlier answer, we want to keep our products as pure as we can.  We did not want to introduce flavoring, because this voids out our entire idea.  Once you add flavoring, you are adding more synthetics back into the products.  If someone is not a fan of the taste of oils, we do offer CBD Gummies as an alternative. 

15.  How can CBD possibly help if it doesn't have THC? 

The common misconception is that all of the benefits are derived from THC.  CBD and THC work together.  The ideal combination of these two components is high CBD and low THC, however, for CBD products to be legally sold the THC content has to be extremely low.

16.  What CBD products do you have that are good for sleep, anxiety, etc.?

CBD is a general use product.  When CBD is marketed for pain, sleep, anxiety, etc., it's all a marketing tactic.  Or, the CBD product can possibly have another synthetic in the ingredients.  CBD should not make you fall asleep. 

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