What started as just an idea and a few conversations, turned into what is now, Pho3nix Health.  If you've ever come in to our store, you have met at least one of our family members.  Whether it be the master minds behind the operation (Joe and Vincent), or Monica and Virginia who run the retail location.  We are a Veteran and family owned and operated business.  It would have been much easier to franchise, or carry another company's products, however, we had bigger plans.  The CBD industry is booming, and because of this, unfortunately, there are a lot of bad quality products being sold on a daily basis.  We wanted to ensure that our customers received the best quality product, and with that in mind, started the development of our own brand.  There were a lot of long hours and research put into the beginning stages of our business.  Our goal was to be able to not only bring the best quality products, but to also properly educate our customers.   

We have a variety of customers come in our store, some know more than others when it comes to CBD.  Before any customer purchases any of our products, we like to sit down with them and offer a free consultation, along with as much education as possible.  We believe that this is is one of the many things that set us apart from the competition.  We truly care about each of our customers and want to make sure they leave Pho3nix Health knowing that they matter to us.  Our mission with our company, is to always bring quality products, and honesty, over everything else.

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Phoenix Health CDB products are manufactured to the highest quality standards. Our products are certified NON-GMO, 100% Organic, THC Free and produced and developed in the United States.

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